Our repository of materials from the 2017 General Election.

Our election asks

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We've put together four asks for the political parties following the election. These are:

  • Citizens more engaged through voluntary action
  • Good governance more embedded across the third sector
  • More sustainable resources available to the third sector
  • More resilient third sector organisations

There's lots more detail about each ask on the full document. 

And now the election is over, you can read our Election Briefing.



Party manifestos

Below you'll find the manifestos for each political party, along with a few details of the pledges in each. Click on the manifesto image to view the full document.



The Conservatives promise to:

Guarantee and enhance workers' rights and protections.
Help towns and cities to prosper through encouraging strong local institutions and the relocation of government functions and shared cultural assets across the country.
Hold an independent review into the cost of energy.
Explore ways to harness Welsh natural resources for the generation of power.
Protect the interest of Welsh farmers in designing the new UK farming policy.





welsh tories e
The Welsh Conservatives promise to:

Support older people across Wales to remain active members of the family, community and society, whilst providing security for the future with clear action on residential care costs.
After leaving the EU, reform energy policy, and seize the industrial opportunity that new technology presents and meeting global commitments on climate change.
Continue to modernise the railway infrastructure across north and south Wales.
Deliver a North Wales Growth Deal.
Work with the Welsh Government to deliver similar outcomes of England's successful Coastal Communities Fund for coastal communities in Wales.


lib dems
The Liberal Democrats promise to:

Defend existing rights derived from EU law including maternity and annual leave entitlements.
Adopt waiting time standards in mental healthcare to match those in physical healthcare.
Establish a cross-party health and social care convention to carry out a review of the longer-term sustainability of health and social care finances and workforce.
Use innovation funding to promote GP-led multidisciplinary health and care hubs, including mobile services to keep people out of hospital.
Publish a National Wellbeing Strategy to put better health and wellbeing for all at the heart of government policy.



plaid e

Plaid Cymru promise to:
Guarantee the rights of all Europeans currently living and working in Wales.

Push for a new independent commission to oversee an agreed way of redistributing funds across the UK.
Push for improved access to trained counsellors and therapists in the community.
End fuel poverty through reduced household bills and scrapping the "bedroom tax".
Publish a human rights charter to defend Welsh people against the repeal of the Human Rights Act.



Labour promise to:

Act to scrap the sanctions regime, Bedroom Tax and cuts to Bereavement Support Payments.
Bring forward a new Child Poverty Strategy.

Set out a new National Plan to end rough sleeping within the next Parliament
Ring-fence mental health budgets.
Bring forward legislation to attain a more sustainable devolution settlement as set out in the Welsh Labour Government's Alternative Wales Bill, including the devolution of policing.



welsh labour e
Welsh Labour promise to:

Set targets for renewables, including community energy, this summer.
Ensure public services and employment are fair, accessible, and responsive to people's needs, and that communities are inclusive.
Give a meaningful role to Parliament and the Welsh Government through negotiations
Protect those already working in Wales, whatever their ethnicity.
Continue work to tackle child poverty.




green e

The Green Party promise to:
Create a network of community banks to ensure wealth is driven towards communities.

Move towards the introduction of a universal basic income.
Introduce a Clean Air Act and an Environmental Protection Act.
Fight for the rights of EU citizens in the UK.
Introduce political and active citizenship education for young people.





UKIP promise to:

reduce net migration to zero over a five-year period.

invest an extra £11 billion per year into the NHS and social care by the end of the next Parliament.
provide 100,000 new homes for younger people every year.
repeal the 2008 Climate Change Act.
Abolish the House of Lords.



UKIP Wales

UKIP Wales promise to:

Support the devolution of Business Rates and Corporation Tax to the National Assembly.
Support the tidal lagoon project for Swansea Bay.
Devolve EU powers over Welsh farming and fishing to the National Assembly, post-Brexit.
Support the merger of the four Welsh police forces into a single all-Wales service.
Encourage a national convention to plan a transport infrastructure for Wales.



Gethin Rhys, Policy Officer of Cytun, examines the manifestos from an equalities and human rights perspective and reports back on his findings.