WCVA aims to be the primary source of high quality information regarding the size, scope, activity and impact of the third sector in Wales.

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Our most recent reports:

More of our Research papers can be found on the publications page.

We then turn this research into insights regarding trends and emerging themes in the sector.


Support for Researchers

WCVA helps to develop and empower research and researchers within the third sector by

  • Networking with researchers in all sectors inWales, UKand internationally
  • Providing information and support for research projects
  • Updating the sector on relevant research news

We want research and statistical policy to reflect the values, aims and objectives of the third sector through

  • Networking with research policy makers and funders
  • Enabling patient, service user, carer and public involvement in research
  • Promoting user led research and evaluation techniques
  • Enabling third sector organisations to demonstrate their value or impact and understand the implications of social, technological and economic changes.

If you're also interested in this work the following resources may be useful:


Our research values

WCVA seeks to undertake quality research, based on the following values:

  • Equality and social justice: All people have an equal value and research should reflect their rights and freedoms.
  • Empowerment: working and learning together: Valuing, sharing and using the skills, knowledge, experience and diversity within communities to enable the best research to be conducted.
  • Sustainability: To promote social, environmental and economic sustainability in research goals, approaches and uses of human and physical resources.
  • Participation: The right for all to be active participants in research that affects their communities and lives
  • Reflective practice: To evaluate research aims and practice with stakeholders to inform future action

You can find all of our research publications and working papers on our research publications page.