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Current consultations - updated 23.9.16

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Policy area Title Source Summary Deadline

Inquiry into the Future of Agricultural and Rural Development Policies in Wales

National Assembly for Wales

Following the United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union, the future shape of policies and finance to support agriculture, land management in Wales and rural communities may be decided in Wales.

The Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee wants to explore the principles that should underpin the new Welsh polices that will be needed to replace those currently set by the European Union.


On line discussion

National Strategy on Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence - A framework for delivery 2016 - 2021

Welsh Government

Consultation outlining ways in which Welsh Ministers propose to tackle violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence.


National Housing Pathway for Ex-Service Personnel

Welsh Government

We are consulting on the draft National Housing Pathway for Ex-Service Personnel. The pathway will:

•provide advice to members of the services  before their discharge, to help them avoid homelessness.

•support former members of the services who  are homeless.


Statutory duty on Fire and Rescue Authorities in Wales to respond to flood and water rescue incidents

Welsh Government

We want your views on proposals to include flooding and water rescue incidents in the Fire and Rescue Authorities' statutory duty in Wales.

Culture and Sport

Proposals for secondary legislation to support the Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016 and draft guidance

Welsh Government

This consultation seeks your views on a group of regulations and guidance documents.


Draft Strategic Equality Action Plan 2016-2021

Arts Council of Wales

Our mission is an engaged and informed arts sector that is confident in taking a leadership role on diversity and equalities. An arts workforce that better reflects the diversity of Wales at local and national levels and an arts sector that recognises and values the contribution of people with protected characteristics in all fields, and at all levels of employment in the arts.


Registration fees for the education workforce in Wales (2017)

Welsh Government

Proposals for the registration fee models for the Education Workforce Council (EWC) from 1 April 2017.


A future demand-led fuel poverty scheme to succeed Welsh Government Warm Homes - Nest

Welsh Government

We want your views on a future demand-led energy efficiency and fuel poverty scheme to succeed Welsh Government Warm Homes - Nest from 1 September 2017


Air quality and noise management in Wales

Welsh Government

We want your views on improving the way we manage air and noise pollution.


Committee to examine implications for Wales of EU referendum result 

Welsh Affairs Committee

The Welsh Affairs Committee are holding an inquiry into the implications for Wales of the EU referendum result. At this point, written evidence is invited to inform the Committee of the issues that Welsh people want to be raised in the negotiations. 


Wales Bill v2.0 - What do you think?

National Assembly for Wales

The latest version of the Wales Bill, which will define what powers lie here and how the country is run, is being examined by a National Assembly for Wales committee.

The Interim Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee is asking people what they think of the proposals which are currently being considered by the UK Parliament.

The Committee's predecessor examined the draft version of the Bill, and many of the comments and concerns it raised are reflected in this latest iteration.

Environment Establishment of a Flood and Coastal Erosion Committee

Welsh Government

The Environment Act 2016 granted Welsh Ministers the power to make regulations to abolish the current Flood Risk Management Wales (FRMW) Committee and establish a new Flood and Coastal Erosion Committee.


Land Transaction Tax and Anti-avoidance of Devolved Taxes (Wales) Bill

National Assembly for Wales

The  Finance Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the general principles of the Land Transaction Tax and Anti-avoidance of Devolved Taxes (Wales) Bill.


Consultation on updating the framework for independent examination

Charity Commission

Your views are sought on the proposed new Directions for independent examination and supporting guidance.


Devolution: Lessons for Wales 

Welsh Affairs Committee

The Welsh Affairs Committee is launching an inquiry examining systems of government around the world and the lessons Wales can learn from them. The Committee will begin by looking at Canada, an officially bilingual nation using a parliamentary system based on the Westminster system. 

Health and Social Care

Consultation on Regulations and Statutory Guidance regarding area plans following the population assessment

Welsh Government

We are seeking your views on draft regulations and statutory guidance on the area plans required under section 14A of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.

Social Care

Development of Social Care Wales Registration Rules and Fitness to Practise Rules

Care Council for Wales

The Care Council is consulting on the Rules for Social Care Wales regarding the registration and fitness to practise of social care workers who will be registered with Social Care Wales.

Welsh Language

Welsh Language Standards - Improving services for Welsh speakers within the health sector

Welsh Government

These standards will enable the Welsh Language Commissioner to place duties in relation to the Welsh language on bodies in the health sector.

Welsh Language

Welsh Language Strategy consultation

Welsh Government

Consultation on a long-term vision for the Welsh language.




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