Volunteering Spirit Wales is a two year project about event volunteering.

Spirit of 2012

Working with six key partners, the project looks at ways to improve volunteer management at events, using the Investing in Volunteers Standard as a starting point. The project partners are: Disability Sport Wales, Run4Wales, National Museum of Wales, The Outdoor Partnership, Urdd and Voluntary Arts Wales.

We are trying out different approaches to improve the recruitment, communication, recognition and support for volunteers at each of the six events so that volunteers get the best out of their experience.

This presentation explains the aims key activities and findings of the project

The baseline survey was carried out on 177 organisations in Wales that involve volunteers in helping out at events. The full report and a presentation of the main survey findings are available.

Some event volunteering highlights are captured on this video about the Extra Milers who volunteered at the IAAF Cardiff World Half Marathon Championships

 Extra Milers










VSW Certificate



The Volunteering Spirit Wales project has developed an event volunteering certificate which is available on request from volunteering@wcva.org.uk

Here is information about the use of the certificates for volunteers, event organisers and for volunteer centres.   


We have also developed a volunteer skills scorecard, as a way to track volunteers' development of various competences through their experience of volunteering, such as at events. An easy read version is available. It can be used in conjunction with the peer assessment scorecard, with a peer mentor/supervisor offering their own observations on how a volunteer has demonstrated skills. This will stimulate conversation between the volunteer and mentor which can be valuable in encouraging self- awareness, confidence and personal development.

Volunteer Scorecard English smallEASY READ Volunteer Scorecard English smallPeer Assessment Volunteer Scorecard small








Guidance is available on how to use the scorecard. If you would like copies, please contact us on volunteering@wcva.org.uk or phone 0800 2888329. The scorecards are free but there may be a postage charge for large orders.

Good volunteer management software will help event organisers to recruit and communicate with volunteers, to track their progress through the selection and preparation process and to give awards of recognition. It helps with management tasks such as scheduling rotas, monitoring diversity and producing reports.

We found that there wasn't a suitable software programme that can be used bilingually and so have been working with Team kinetic to develop a fully bilingual version of software Volunteer Kinetic.  A demo site for the English version can be seen here

Case studies are being written for each of the six pilot projects, which summarise the event in question, what we were trying to do to improve the involvement of volunteers, and what we found. Together, these are the culmination of the learning from our project.

As they become available, you can download them here

Disability Sport Wales case study

Urdd Gobaith Cymru case study

Run4Wales case study

Mental Health Arts Festival case study

Outdoor Partnership case study

St Fagan's National History Museum case study

We are sharing our experience as the project develops and are currently working on a website resource on event volunteering which will be available by June 2017. If you would like to hear more about the project please email volunteering@wcva.org.uk

As part of the evaluation of the project we are reviewing how event volunteer management practice compares with our events volunteering framework of good practice.  

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Downloads relating to the Case Studies

Disability Sport Wales:

ROAR Competency Score Chart

ROAR Key Competencies Framework

ROAR Project Scorecard - Easy read


Parking 2017 Information Pack

Volunteering Roles

Mental Health Arts Festival: 

MHAF Volunteer role profile 

Support Needs Questionnaire

Volunteer Deployment plan


Event Volunteer Role Profile