3 Feb 2017

Our comprehensive, accredited course provides you with a greater awareness and understanding of part

8, 9 March & 6 April 2017 - Rhyl

Accredited by Agored Cymru
To provide greater awareness and understanding of participative engagement.

This comprehensive, three-day accredited course is aimed at providing a greater awareness and understanding of participative engagement. Participants will gain a range of skills as well as build confidence in engaging with citizens and the community. Day one will focus on preparing for engagement, the rationale, who to engage with and achieving validity in consultation. The group will begin to look at facilitation skills. Day two will look at tools for engagement, an overview of consultation processes, and new options using participatory techniques.

Participants will learn a range of tools and have the opportunity to put some methods into practice. On day three, each participant will demonstrate a participatory method as part of their assessment. The rest of the day will focus on evaluating the results and using data from engagement activities. Following the training, participants will be required to submit a piece of work for assessment.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the purpose of engagement
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Apply a range of tools for engagement
  • Understand effective methods for communication throughout the engagement process
  • Facilitate participative activities

Who this course is for
Frontline staff and managers seeking comprehensive, accredited training in community and citizen engagement.