The Active Inclusion fund is managed by Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) supported by funding from European Structural Funds. It aims to reduce economic inactivity in Wales and improve the employability of disadvantaged people furthest from the labour market.


WCVA, as an Intermediate Body acting on behalf of the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO), will offer the following areas of funding covering:

• West Wales and the Valleys for over 25s
• East Wales for over 25s

• West Wales and the Valleys for 16-24s

• East Wales for 16-24s

The fund will work with those who are designated long term unemployed or economically inactive and have complex barriers to employment. Further details can be found in the information sheets which can be downloaded from the 'More Information' section on the right of this page.

Active Inclusion will be delivered through two complementary strands:

Strand 1: Include

Strand 1 activity will focus on engaging those participants furthest from the labour market and will act as a 'first step' in the participants' journey to employment.  It will include a vast range of activities such as basic skills training, volunteering, money management and social skills.

Strand 2: Achieve

Strand 2 will offer paid supported employment opportunities for up to 26 weeks and 35 hours per week.  Participants will be paid at least the National Minimum Wage.  Activities will include essential skills training, actual work experience, financial management training, and job search.

How much money can Active Inclusion invest in organisations?

Grants will be offered at the following levels:
• Level 1 will offer project grants of up to £25,000 (Strand 1 only)
• Level 2 will offer project grants of between £25,001- £75,000
• Level 3 will offer project grants of between £75,001 - £150,000
• Level 4 will offer project grants of £150,001 - £400,000 (Strand 2 only)

Match funding will be required and will be specified in each grant specification.

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